We are well-versed in the domains of education and data and process mining. Below is a chronologically-ordered list of our most relevant product and project references. Where applicable (and contractually permitted), we have included links to our publicly available works.

Automated process mining tool


A modern analytical tool dedicated to an automated process mining based on log records. We delivered end-to-end technical design and implementation of both client and server sides, including effective import, presentation, data transfer and analysis of potentially high data volumes, rich user interface and advanced auto-update features. Our project collaboration included analysis and product testing as well.

Collaboration with Atos IT Solutions and Services

Public Administration Project

Long-term continuous partnership on various public administration projects covering project phases of requirements gathering, analysis, implementation, external systems/registers integration, testing, deployment and long-term support. Our level of involvement ranges from close cooperation with large project teams to full in-house technical solution.

Academic Information System


The Academic Information System (AIS) is a custom solution for Economics and Government Management College in Bratislava (Vysoká škola ekonómie a manažmentu verejnej správy v Bratislave). It is tailored to the needs of students, pedagogues and other employees and process managers. AIS among other features supports collaboration with the public registries such as Central Registry of Students (CRŠ), Central Registry of Employees (CRZ), Central Registry of Final Thesis (CRZP), Institute for Information and Education Prognosis (ÚIPŠ), including internal attendance system and other external organizations (such as ISIC).

Academic Information System Web Portal

Ais web

Web Portals of The Academic Information System (AIS) provide features for the students, pedagogues and general public. In addition to the usual services associated with the educational process it also provides features such as electronic enrollment, exam registration, sign-up for consultations with tutors, display of personalized academic schedule or tuition fees and enables an individual communication between pedagogues and students.

Portal for pedagogues supports among others supervision and review of final theses, offers real-time overview of examination and consultation demand, displays class schedules and supplies various useful views and reports to the institute chairmen.

Online Document Scanning Solution

GScan Online

Collaboration on development of online scanning solution, image and OCR processing and document indexing on SharePoint Office 365 platform. We delivered an architecture for parallel processing on all scales – from processing of individual documents to processing of large batches with high volumes of pages in multi-tenant cloud and on-premise environment.

Research Center Web Portal

Web portal

Deployment and customization of Orchard CMS with custom modules providing features for Active Directory user synchronization and a display of Orchard data model in a tabular form with a full search, sort and filter support. Other features include a modern presentation of media library content and a custom form for both logged and anonymous users, including a Captcha component.

Government Project Collaboration For Electronic Education

Electronic Education

Development of a solution for high-volume electronic examination, including the security design and model efficiency.

Interface For Voice and Gesture Control Of 3D Scenes

Natural User Interface

Standalone technical design and implementation of a 3D scene controller using finger and arm gestures with voice commands. Interface handles the user’s skeleton position data filtering and input smoothing for a fluid scene control, the design and authoring of gestures suitable for activation of various interaction modes (rotation, panning, mouse selection) and automatic detection of foreground applications based on custom application profiles optimized for best user experience.

Implementation Collaboration On Government Solution

Public Administration Project

A long-term portal development collaboration with requirements for scalable high-volume request processing and support for real-time multi-user processes and workflows. We’ve delivered components for registration, authentication and authorization of a complex user hierarchy, secure logging, user group notification distribution and various other thin-client components.

Mobile Document Scanning Solution

GScan Mobile

An initial design and implementation kick-off of a document scanning product for mobile devices. Our collaboration included efficient implementation of image processing algorithms such as adaptive binarization, perspective transformation and document edge detection, all within the performance budget of supported devices.

Web Component

Electronic Application

A DotNetNuke CMS web component facilitating application submission for academic admission process. The component supports export and import of an application in progress and provides the application form in a Microsoft Word format upon submission.

Public Portal For The Bratislava Stock Exchange

Public Portal

A design and implementation of a public web portal for The Bratislava Stock Exchange displaying configurable charts with real-time data.

Scheduling Component

Academic Scheduling

General scheduling algorithms based on various heuristics for efficient exploration of scheduling state space bounded by configurable domain-specific rules, constraints and preferences.

Collaboration With Siemens IT Solutions and Services

Internal And External Projects

A collaboration on a variety of projects comprising various technologies, domains as well as the non-functional requirements from a perspective of the number of users, security and the needs of the end customer.

Telecommunication Solutions

Internal Projects

Web applications and services for statistical visualization of performance and other metrics, user group, task and skill management of call center agents and processing of their requests based on configurable rules by digital telephone exchange communication.

Information System For Student Department


Information system for college study department used for administration of student records, including complex filtering and querying, academic assessment and evaluation, final theses and various reports and documents.

Adaptive Learning Portal


Web portal for personalized adaptive learning based on Item Response Theory. Solution includes tools for authoring courses with exercises and questions, interactive learning portal for students and administrative dashboard for monitoring learning progress of the individual users.