Talented people ready for new challenges with cutting edge technologies and passion for great results always have an open door to our friendly work environment. In return, we offer a positive work atmosphere, low bureaucracy and interesting job descriptions. Below is the list of currently opened work positions. Feel free to send us your CV. We’re looking forward to meeting you in person and discussing the details!

.NET Developer

Senior C# Developer

We are looking for a generalist senior developer.

Job description:

  • C# development using Microsoft technologies
  • Participation on various projects with possibility to adjust individual tasks based on individual preferences

Our requirements:

  • C# programming language knowledge
  • Previous proven experience with Microsoft desktop and web development technologies (WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF)
  • Experience with Entity Framework and SQL
  • Ability to work independently

WPF Developer


We are looking for Microsoft WPF developer for collaboration on data analysis project. Project is a multilayered client-server architecture, in detail:

  • WPF thick client with modern UI
  • WCF services for communication with server
  • Entity Framework as ORM
  • MS SQL as data layer

Our requirements:

  • Previous experience with technologies listed above (at least one similar WPF project)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Good communication skills

.NET Developer

Junior Developer

We are looking for junior developers, preferably students, willing to focus on Microsoft .NET platform development in C# language. If you have some individual experience and are willing to gain some professional experience, you are the right person for us!

We can offer:

  • Practical help and learning guidance on a variety of technologies (regular one-on-one meetings)
  • Collaboration on interesting projects in various areas and project phases – from requirements gathering, analysis, implementation, testing and production maintenance

Our requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of C# programming
  • Experience with at least a single technology (e.g. simple web or WPF application with database)
  • A serious interest in a selected development area


Mobile Platform Developer

Collaboration on multiplatform mobile application development. Job position is also suitable for a student.

Job description:

  • Collaboration on mobile application design and specification
  • Individual development of mobile application on Xamarin platform
  • Our requirements:
    • C# programming language knowledge
    • Experience with at least a single mobile application development technology
    • Previous experience with Xamarin technology is an advantage
    • Professional approach to programming of highly efficient and user-friendly applications


Game Developer

We are looking for a co-worker with focus on efficient game engine algorithm design. Position is suitable for students as well and does not require extensive knowledge of any specific programming language.

Examples of algorithms to design:

  • 2D physics engine – collisions of concave polygons and other shapes (circles, rectangles)  (e.g. SAT, GJK, EPA algorithms) and their resolutions, impact of various forces (gravitation, friction, wind) – not an exact simulation, but an efficient approximation
  • 2D indexing structures such as grid or quad tree used for broad phase collision detection or ray picking
  • Lighting – ray casting, shadow casting, normal textures
  • Procedural content generation – background tile and object positioning (e.g. trees, stones, roads), ensuring scene passability and reasonably natural appearance – usage of various noises and filters (Perlin, Simplex), Voronoi diagram
  • Pathfinding (e.g. A* modifications, waypoints, group pathfinding)
  • Objects and their attribute generation
  • Various tree and graph algorithms

Job requirements:

  • Advanced algorithmical thinking – the ability to select an appropriate algorithm based on efficiency requirements (ability to study and independently solve the issues)
  • Interest in game design – preferably a previous experience with a game engine design
  • Basic knowledge of C# from an algorithmization perspective or at least willingness to learn how to write algorithms in it